We are Smoothies!
It all started back in 2002 as Henry and Sandra Jones went on holiday in India. They were impressed with all the fruits the Indians grew and sold at the local markets. They loved the variety of fruits they could get there. So back at home in Mannheim they made drinks out of the fruits and sold them in local supermarkets. This was the birthplace of the Smoothies. More and more people started to buy them.

In 2003 Henry bought the old farm from his aunty and with the help of his wife Sandra they converted it into their own company. Special machines were employed to squeeze all the fruits within a shorter amount of time, so increasing productivity.

In 2004 they employed their first workers.

In 2005 they got more international costumers and in so doing received contracts to export their Smoothies. The Company expanded and

In 2008 they received the International “Michelin” prize for best quality drinks.

Well “We love fruits”. We hope that you will love our Smoothies as much as we do.
An awesome Team
Our team is full of young, creative, fun and committed people. We are very open-minded to new ideas. As a team we are always there for each other.
Teamwork is our motto and without it we could not be such a committed and focused team!
Among our group of colleagues and friends is our cute office-dog Billy, who is our best friend and a very good boy;)
Dies ist ein Beispielprojekt. Es handelt sich weder um eine echte Firma, noch um einen Onlineshop.
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